Source code for pycbc.results.metadata

This Module contains generic utility functions for creating plots within
import os.path, pycbc.version
from six.moves import configparser as ConfigParser
from six.moves.html_parser import HTMLParser
from xml.sax.saxutils import escape, unescape

escape_table = {
                '"': """,
                "'": "'",
                "@": "@",
unescape_table = {
                  "@" : "@",
for k, v in escape_table.items():
    unescape_table[v] = k

[docs]def html_escape(text): """ Sanitize text for html parsing """ return escape(text, escape_table)
[docs]class MetaParser(HTMLParser): def __init__(self): self.metadata = {} HTMLParser.__init__(self)
[docs] def handle_data(self, data): pass
[docs] def handle_starttag(self, tag, attrs): attr= {} for key, value in attrs: attr[key] = value if tag == 'div' and 'class' in attr and attr['class'] == 'pycbc-meta': self.metadata[attr['key']] = unescape(attr['value'], unescape_table)
[docs]def save_html_with_metadata(fig, filename, fig_kwds, kwds): """ Save a html output to file with metadata """ if isinstance(fig, str): text = fig else: from mpld3 import fig_to_html text = fig_to_html(fig, **fig_kwds) f = open(filename, 'w') for key, value in kwds.items(): value = escape(value, escape_table) line = "<div class=pycbc-meta key=\"%s\" value=\"%s\"></div>" % (str(key), value) f.write(line) f.write(text)
[docs]def load_html_metadata(filename): """ Get metadata from html file """ parser = MetaParser() data = open(filename, 'r').read() if 'pycbc-meta' in data: print("LOADING HTML FILE %s" % filename) parser.feed(data) cp = ConfigParser.ConfigParser(parser.metadata) cp.add_section(os.path.basename(filename)) return cp
[docs]def save_png_with_metadata(fig, filename, fig_kwds, kwds): """ Save a matplotlib figure to a png with metadata """ from PIL import Image, PngImagePlugin fig.savefig(filename, **fig_kwds) im = meta = PngImagePlugin.PngInfo() for key in kwds: meta.add_text(str(key), str(kwds[key])), "png", pnginfo=meta)
[docs]def load_png_metadata(filename): from PIL import Image, PngImagePlugin data = cp = ConfigParser.ConfigParser(data) cp.add_section(os.path.basename(filename)) return cp
_metadata_saver = {'.png':save_png_with_metadata, '.html':save_html_with_metadata, } _metadata_loader = {'.png':load_png_metadata, '.html':load_html_metadata, }
[docs]def save_fig_with_metadata(fig, filename, fig_kwds=None, **kwds): """ Save plot to file with metadata included. Kewords translate to metadata that is stored directly in the plot file. Limited format types available. Parameters ---------- fig: matplotlib figure The matplotlib figure to save to the file filename: str Name of file to store the plot. """ if fig_kwds is None: fig_kwds = {} try: extension = os.path.splitext(filename)[1] kwds['version'] = pycbc.version.git_verbose_msg _metadata_saver[extension](fig, filename, fig_kwds, kwds) except KeyError: raise TypeError('Cannot save file %s with metadata, extension %s not ' 'supported at this time' % (filename, extension))
[docs]def load_metadata_from_file(filename): """ Load the plot related metadata saved in a file Parameters ---------- filename: str Name of file load metadata from. Returns ------- cp: ConfigParser A configparser object containing the metadata """ try: extension = os.path.splitext(filename)[1] return _metadata_loader[extension](filename) except KeyError: raise TypeError('Cannot read metadata from file %s, extension %s not ' 'supported at this time' % (filename, extension))