Source code for pycbc.results.metadata

This Module contains generic utility functions for creating plots within
import os.path, pycbc.version
import configparser as ConfigParser
from html.parser import HTMLParser
from xml.sax.saxutils import escape, unescape

escape_table = {
                '"': """,
                "'": "'",
                "@": "@",
unescape_table = {
                  "@" : "@",
for k, v in escape_table.items():
    unescape_table[v] = k

[docs]def html_escape(text): """ Sanitize text for html parsing """ return escape(text, escape_table)
[docs]class MetaParser(HTMLParser): def __init__(self): self.metadata = {} HTMLParser.__init__(self)
[docs] def handle_data(self, data): pass
[docs] def handle_starttag(self, tag, attrs): attr= {} for key, value in attrs: attr[key] = value if tag == 'div' and 'class' in attr and attr['class'] == 'pycbc-meta': self.metadata[attr['key']] = unescape(attr['value'], unescape_table)
[docs]def save_html_with_metadata(fig, filename, fig_kwds, kwds): """ Save a html output to file with metadata """ if isinstance(fig, str): text = fig else: from mpld3 import fig_to_html text = fig_to_html(fig, **fig_kwds) f = open(filename, 'w') for key, value in kwds.items(): value = escape(value, escape_table) line = "<div class=pycbc-meta key=\"%s\" value=\"%s\"></div>" % (str(key), value) f.write(line) f.write(text)
[docs]def load_html_metadata(filename): """ Get metadata from html file """ parser = MetaParser() data = open(filename, 'r').read() if 'pycbc-meta' in data: print("LOADING HTML FILE %s" % filename) parser.feed(data) cp = ConfigParser.ConfigParser(parser.metadata) cp.add_section(os.path.basename(filename)) return cp
[docs]def save_png_with_metadata(fig, filename, fig_kwds, kwds): """ Save a matplotlib figure to a png with metadata """ from PIL import Image, PngImagePlugin fig.savefig(filename, **fig_kwds) im = meta = PngImagePlugin.PngInfo() for key in kwds: meta.add_text(str(key), str(kwds[key])), "png", pnginfo=meta)
[docs]def save_pdf_with_metadata(fig, filename, fig_kwds, kwds): """Save a matplotlib figure to a PDF file with metadata. """ # from matplotlib.backends.backend_pdf import PdfPages with PdfPages(filename) as pdfp: fig.savefig(pdfp, format='pdf', **fig_kwds) metadata = pdfp.infodict() for key in kwds: if str(key).lower() == 'title': # map the title to the official PDF keyword (capitalized) metadata['Title'] = str(kwds[key]) else: metadata[str(key)] = str(kwds[key])
[docs]def load_png_metadata(filename): from PIL import Image data = cp = ConfigParser.ConfigParser(data) cp.add_section(os.path.basename(filename)) return cp
_metadata_saver = {'.png': save_png_with_metadata, '.html': save_html_with_metadata, '.pdf': save_pdf_with_metadata, } _metadata_loader = {'.png': load_png_metadata, '.html': load_html_metadata, }
[docs]def save_fig_with_metadata(fig, filename, fig_kwds=None, **kwds): """ Save plot to file with metadata included. Kewords translate to metadata that is stored directly in the plot file. Limited format types available. Parameters ---------- fig: matplotlib figure The matplotlib figure to save to the file filename: str Name of file to store the plot. """ if fig_kwds is None: fig_kwds = {} try: extension = os.path.splitext(filename)[1] kwds['version'] = pycbc.version.git_verbose_msg _metadata_saver[extension](fig, filename, fig_kwds, kwds) except KeyError: raise TypeError('Cannot save file %s with metadata, extension %s not ' 'supported at this time' % (filename, extension))
[docs]def load_metadata_from_file(filename): """ Load the plot related metadata saved in a file Parameters ---------- filename: str Name of file load metadata from. Returns ------- cp: ConfigParser A configparser object containing the metadata """ try: extension = os.path.splitext(filename)[1] return _metadata_loader[extension](filename) except KeyError: raise TypeError('Cannot read metadata from file %s, extension %s not ' 'supported at this time' % (filename, extension))