Source code for pycbc.results.plot

""" Plotting utilities and premade plot configurations

[docs]def hist_overflow(val, val_max, **kwds): """ Make a histogram with an overflow bar above val_max """ import pylab overflow = len(val[val>=val_max]) pylab.hist(val[val<val_max], **kwds) if 'color' in kwds: color = kwds['color'] else: color = None if overflow > 0: rect =, overflow, .5, color=color)[0] pylab.text(rect.get_x(), 1.10*rect.get_height(), '%s+' % val_max)
[docs]def add_style_opt_to_parser(parser, default=None): """Adds an option to set the matplotlib style to a parser. Parameters ---------- parser : argparse.ArgumentParser The parser to add the option to. default : str, optional The default style to use. Default, None, will result in the default matplotlib style to be used. """ from matplotlib import pyplot parser.add_argument('--mpl-style', default=default, choices=['default']['xkcd'], help='Set the matplotlib style to use.')
[docs]def set_style_from_cli(opts): """Uses the mpl-style option to set the style for plots. Note: This will change the global rcParams. """ from matplotlib import pyplot if opts.mpl_style == 'xkcd': # this is treated differently for some reason pyplot.xkcd() elif opts.mpl_style is not None: