Source code for pycbc.strain

from .recalibrate import CubicSpline, PhysicalModel

from .strain import detect_loud_glitches
from .strain import from_cli, from_cli_single_ifo, from_cli_multi_ifos
from .strain import insert_strain_option_group, insert_strain_option_group_multi_ifo
from .strain import verify_strain_options, verify_strain_options_multi_ifo
from .strain import gate_data, StrainSegments, StrainBuffer

from .gate import add_gate_option_group, gates_from_cli
from .gate import apply_gates_to_td, apply_gates_to_fd, psd_gates_from_cli

models = { CubicSpline, PhysicalModel

[docs]def read_model_from_config(cp, ifo, section="calibration"): """Returns an instance of the calibration model specified in the given configuration file. Parameters ---------- cp : WorflowConfigParser An open config file to read. ifo : string The detector (H1, L1) whose model will be loaded. section : {"calibration", string} Section name from which to retrieve the model. Returns ------- instance An instance of the calibration model class. """ model = cp.get_opt_tag(section, "{}_model".format(ifo.lower()), None) recalibrator = models[model].from_config(cp, ifo.lower(), section) return recalibrator