Source code for pycbc.waveform.premerger

""" Waveform approximants for the pre-merger detection of gravitational waves
import logging

[docs]def premerger_taylorf2(**p): """ Generate time-shifted TaylorF2""" from pycbc.waveform import get_fd_waveform from pycbc.waveform.spa_tmplt import spa_length_in_time from pycbc.waveform.utils import fd_taper p.pop('approximant') hp, hc = get_fd_waveform(approximant="TaylorF2", **p) removed = spa_length_in_time(mass1=p['mass1'], mass2=p['mass2'], f_lower=p['f_final'], phase_order=-1) hp = hp.cyclic_time_shift(removed) hp.start_time += removed hc = hc.cyclic_time_shift(removed) hc.start_time += removed"PreTaylorF2, m1=%.1f, m2=%.1f, fmax=%.1f, timeshift=%.1f", p['mass1'], p['mass2'], p['f_final'], removed) kmin = int(p['f_lower'] / p['delta_f']) hp[0:kmin] = 0 hc[0:kmin] = 0 if 'final_taper' in p: taper_size = p['final_taper'] hp = fd_taper(hp, p['f_final'] - taper_size, p['f_final'], side='right') hc = fd_taper(hc, p['f_final'] - taper_size, p['f_final'], side='right') hp.time_offset = removed hc.time_offset = removed return hp, hc