PyCBC: Python Software to Study Gravitational Waves

PyCBC is software developed by a collaboration of LIGO, Virgo, and independent scientists. It is open source and freely available. We use PyCBC in the detection of gravitational waves from binary mergers such as GW150914. These examples explore how to analyze gravitational wave data, how we find potential signals, and learn about them.

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These notebooks are available to view, download, or run in interactive sessions. The repository of tutorials along with some additional code examples is available on github.

  1. Accessing the Catalog of Binary Mergers and LIGO/Virgo Open Data
  2. Visualization of Data and Signal Processing
  3. Generating Waveforms and Matched Filtering
  4. Signal Consistency and Significances

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There are two main methods to run tutorials from your browser.

  1. Azure notebooks
    • You’ll want to make a microsoft account (free) and log in.
    • Hit the clone button and then run included tutorials. You can edit and save modifications that you make.
    • We suggest starting by opening the ‘index.ipynb’ file as it contains a directory of the available tutorials and additional example scripts.

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