Use of PyCBC in Scientific Publications

If you use any code from PyCBC in a scientific publication, then we ask that you include a citation to the software through its DOI and that you cite the publications relevant to the sections of the code that you are using, as described below.

Citing the PyCBC Software

A bibtex key and DOI for each release is avaliable from Zenodo and DOIs for releases can be found on the PyCBC release page. A key for the latest release is available at:

If you do not use a specific release, please cite the DOI for the latest release, or the release closest to the version that you are using.

Citing the scientific publications that describe the algorithms

PyCBC implements a large number of data-analysis algorithms and so it is not possible to give one single citation. To give proper scientific credit for the development of PyCBC, in addition to citing the DOI from the software, please cite the appropriate scientific publications below.

Bayesian Inference

If you use the Bayesian inference modules, or code derived from those modules, please cite the paper:

Searches for Compact Binary Coalescence

If you use the PyCBC search algorithms, please cite all four of these papers:

If you use the offline PyCBC search pipeline, please additionally cite:

If you use the low-latency PyCBC search pipeline (PyCBC Live), please additionally cite: