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"""Provides IO for the nessai sampler"""
import numpy

from .base_nested_sampler import BaseNestedSamplerFile

from .posterior import read_raw_samples_from_file
from .dynesty import CommonNestedMetadataIO

[docs]class NessaiFile(CommonNestedMetadataIO, BaseNestedSamplerFile): """Class to handle file IO for the ``nessai`` sampler.""" name = "nessai_file"
[docs] def read_raw_samples(self, fields, raw_samples=False, seed=0): """Reads samples from a nessai file and constructs a posterior. Using rejection sampling to resample the nested samples Parameters ---------- fields : list of str The names of the parameters to load. Names must correspond to dataset names in the file's ``samples`` group. raw_samples : bool, optional Return the raw (unweighted) samples instead of the estimated posterior samples. Default is False. Returns ------- dict : Dictionary of parameter fields -> samples. """ samples = read_raw_samples_from_file(self, fields) logwt = read_raw_samples_from_file(self, ['logwt'])['logwt'] loglikelihood = read_raw_samples_from_file( self, ['loglikelihood'])['loglikelihood'] if not raw_samples: n_samples = len(logwt) # Rejection sample rng = numpy.random.default_rng(seed) logwt -= logwt.max() logu = numpy.log(rng.random(n_samples)) keep = logwt > logu post = {'loglikelihood': loglikelihood[keep]} for param in fields: post[param] = samples[param][keep] return post return samples