Source code for pycbc.population.live_pastro_utils

import logging
import json
from . import live_pastro as livepa

[docs]def insert_live_pastro_option_group(parser): """ Add low-latency p astro options to the argparser object. Parameters ---------- parser : object ArgumentParser instance. Returns ------- live_pastro_group : Argument group object """ live_pastro_group = parser.add_argument_group('Options for live p_astro') live_pastro_group.add_argument('--p-astro-spec', help='File containing information to set ' 'up p_astro calculation') return live_pastro_group
# Choices of p astro calc method _check_spec = { 'template_param_bins': livepa.check_template_param_bin_data, 'template_param_bins_types': livepa.check_template_param_bin_data, 'template_param_bins_types_farlim': livepa.check_template_param_bin_farlim_data } _read_bank = { 'template_param_bins': livepa.read_template_bank_param, 'template_param_bins_types': livepa.read_template_bank_param, 'template_param_bins_types_farlim': livepa.read_template_bank_param } _do_calc = { 'template_param_bins': livepa.template_param_bin_pa, 'template_param_bins_types': livepa.template_param_bin_types_pa, 'template_param_bins_types_farlim': livepa.template_param_bin_types_farlim_pa }
[docs]class PAstroData(): """ Class for managing live p_astro calculation persistent info """ def __init__(self, specfile, bank): """ Read in spec file and extract relevant info from bank Parameters ---------- specfile: str Path to file giving method and static data used in calculation bank: str Path to hdf template bank file """ if specfile is None: = False else: = True with open(specfile) as specf: self.spec_json = json.load(specf) try: self.method = self.spec_json['method'] except KeyError as ke: raise ValueError("Can't find 'method' in p_astro spec file!") \ from ke'Setting up p_astro data with method %s', self.method) self.spec = _check_spec[self.method](self.spec_json) = _read_bank[self.method](self.spec, bank)
[docs] def apply_significance_limits(self, trigger_data): """ If the network SNR and FAR indicate saturation of the FAR estimate, set them to the fixed values given in the specification. """ # This only happens for double or triple events if len(trigger_data['triggered']) == 1: return trigger_data if len(trigger_data['triggered']) > 1: farlim = self.spec['limit_far'] snrlim = self.spec['limit_snr'] # Only do anything if FAR and SNR are beyond given limits if trigger_data['far'] > farlim or \ trigger_data['network_snr'] < snrlim: return trigger_data logging.debug('Truncating FAR and SNR from %f, %f to %f, %f', trigger_data['far'], trigger_data['network_snr'], farlim, snrlim) trigger_data['network_snr'] = snrlim trigger_data['far'] = farlim return trigger_data raise RuntimeError('Number of triggered ifos must be >0 !')
[docs] def do_pastro_calc(self, trigger_data, horizons): """ No-op, or call the despatch dictionary to evaluate p_astro """ if not return None, None'Computing p_astro') p_astro, p_terr = _do_calc[self.method](self, trigger_data, horizons) return p_astro, p_terr
__all__ = [ "insert_live_pastro_option_group", "PAstroData" ]