Source code for pycbc.psd.analytical

# Copyright (C) 2012-2016 Alex Nitz, Tito Dal Canton, Leo Singer
#               2022 Shichao Wu
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
# Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
# option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
# WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
# with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
# 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301, USA.
"""Provides reference PSDs from LALSimulation and pycbc.psd.analytical_space.

More information about how to use these ground-based detectors' PSD can be
found in the guide about :ref:`Analytic PSDs from lalsimulation`. For
space-borne ones, see `pycbc.psd.analytical_space` module.
import numbers
from pycbc.types import FrequencySeries
from pycbc.psd.analytical_space import (
    analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_1p5_XYZ, analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_2p0_XYZ,
    analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_1p5_AE, analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_1p5_T,
    sh_transformed_psd_lisa_tdi_XYZ, analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_AE_confusion)
import lal
import numpy

# build a list of usable PSD functions from lalsimulation
_name_prefix = 'SimNoisePSD'
_name_suffix = 'Ptr'
_name_blacklist = ('FromFile', 'MirrorTherm', 'Quantum', 'Seismic', 'Shot', 'SuspTherm')
_psd_list = []

    import lalsimulation
    for _name in lalsimulation.__dict__:
        if _name != _name_prefix and _name.startswith(_name_prefix) and not _name.endswith(_name_suffix):
            _name = _name[len(_name_prefix):]
            if _name not in _name_blacklist:
except ImportError:

_psd_list = sorted(_psd_list)

# add functions wrapping lalsimulation PSDs
for _name in _psd_list:
def %s(length, delta_f, low_freq_cutoff):
    \"\"\"Return a FrequencySeries containing the %s PSD from LALSimulation.
    return from_string("%s", length, delta_f, low_freq_cutoff)
""" % (_name, _name, _name))

[docs]def get_psd_model_list(): """ Returns a list of available reference PSD functions. Returns ------- list Returns a list of names of reference PSD functions. """ return get_lalsim_psd_list() + get_pycbc_psd_list()
[docs]def get_lalsim_psd_list(): """Return a list of available reference PSD functions from LALSimulation. """ return _psd_list
[docs]def get_pycbc_psd_list(): """ Return a list of available reference PSD functions coded in PyCBC. Returns ------- list Returns a list of names of all reference PSD functions coded in PyCBC. """ pycbc_analytical_psd_list = pycbc_analytical_psds.keys() pycbc_analytical_psd_list = sorted(pycbc_analytical_psd_list) return pycbc_analytical_psd_list
[docs]def from_string(psd_name, length, delta_f, low_freq_cutoff, **kwargs): """Generate a frequency series containing a LALSimulation or built-in space-borne detectors' PSD specified by name. Parameters ---------- psd_name : string PSD name as found in LALSimulation (minus the SimNoisePSD prefix) or pycbc.psd.analytical_space. length : int Length of the frequency series in samples. delta_f : float Frequency resolution of the frequency series. low_freq_cutoff : float Frequencies below this value are set to zero. **kwargs : All other keyword arguments are passed to the PSD model. Returns ------- psd : FrequencySeries The generated frequency series. """ # check if valid PSD model if psd_name not in get_psd_model_list(): raise ValueError(psd_name + ' not found among analytical ' 'PSD functions.') # make sure length has the right type for CreateREAL8FrequencySeries if not isinstance(length, numbers.Integral) or length <= 0: raise TypeError('length must be a positive integer') length = int(length) # if PSD model is in LALSimulation if psd_name in get_lalsim_psd_list(): lalseries = lal.CreateREAL8FrequencySeries( '', lal.LIGOTimeGPS(0), 0, delta_f, lal.DimensionlessUnit, length) try: func = lalsimulation.__dict__[ _name_prefix + psd_name + _name_suffix] except KeyError: func = lalsimulation.__dict__[_name_prefix + psd_name] func(lalseries, low_freq_cutoff) else: lalsimulation.SimNoisePSD(lalseries, 0, func) psd = FrequencySeries(, delta_f=delta_f) # if PSD model is coded in PyCBC else: func = pycbc_analytical_psds[psd_name] psd = func(length, delta_f, low_freq_cutoff, **kwargs) # zero-out content below low-frequency cutoff kmin = int(low_freq_cutoff / delta_f)[:kmin] = 0 return psd
[docs]def flat_unity(length, delta_f, low_freq_cutoff): """ Returns a FrequencySeries of ones above the low_frequency_cutoff. Parameters ---------- length : int Length of output Frequencyseries. delta_f : float Frequency step for output FrequencySeries. low_freq_cutoff : int Low-frequency cutoff for output FrequencySeries. Returns ------- FrequencySeries Returns a FrequencySeries containing the unity PSD model. """ fseries = FrequencySeries(numpy.ones(length), delta_f=delta_f) kmin = int(low_freq_cutoff / fseries.delta_f)[:kmin] = 0 return fseries
# dict of analytical PSDs coded in PyCBC pycbc_analytical_psds = { 'flat_unity' : flat_unity, 'analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_1p5_XYZ' : analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_1p5_XYZ, 'analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_2p0_XYZ' : analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_2p0_XYZ, 'analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_1p5_AE' : analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_1p5_AE, 'analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_1p5_T' : analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_1p5_T, 'sh_transformed_psd_lisa_tdi_XYZ' : sh_transformed_psd_lisa_tdi_XYZ, 'analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_AE_confusion' : analytical_psd_lisa_tdi_AE_confusion, }